This project (for lack of a better term) began in May of 2018 when I stumbled across a CD in a box of junk with the words "free" scrawled on the side. The cover caught my eye - the visiage of a solemn, crudely drawn yeti piqued my curiosity. This CD contained the album Snake Hiss - the first "lost" release that I ever found. I felt the need to preserve it for the ages for all to see - I've always had a soft spot for archival. And so, I started the Wanderer YouTube channel. After a brief shilling on 4chan's /mu/ board, Snake Hiss was recieved with open arms. Since then, I've trawled record shops, thrift stores, and garage sales all over looking for similar "lost" music. Hopefully, some of it is worth preserving.

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