This album was one of three releases by the Immanent Audio label, part of Garrett Kalleberg's Morning Red project. Other than the brief bits on the (now offline) website and the Discogs page that I created, there is virtually no information available concerning this album. For all I know, I may be in possession of the only remaining copy - although this is unlikely. The other two releases, Thousands and Above Islands, have yet to surface. If anyone has any information regarding them, please DM me on Twitter (@Wandererarc) or email me. (

  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Pharmacality
  • 2. Armadillo
  • 3. Hunt
  • 4. Ghrasim Luca's 15 Min. Meta-physical
  • 5. Paul Van Ostaijen’s Sur les Ponts de Paris
  • 6. 14 Days, 30 Seconds
  • 7. What I Mean to Say
  • 8. Good Directions
  • 9. The Vair Palfrey, by Huon le Roi
  • 10. MaestĂ 
  • 11. A Dream, by P. M. Deshong
  • 12. stricken [from].
  • 13. Fortune's Drift
  • 14. Send in the Clown
  • 15. If Fire Is

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